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How to show or hide battery percentage in macOS Big Sur

In previous versions of macOS, the battery percentage was enabled in the indicator context menu or power saving options. Where has this switch moved in macOS ...

Apple changes the ECG measurement algorithm in watchOS 7.2 and iOS 14.3

Apple has developed a new algorithm that the Apple Watch uses to measure the electrocardiogram (ECG). The corresponding description is provided in the iOS 14.3 ...

Kuo: iPhone 13 will receive a new type of battery with a higher energy storage density

IPhone 12 Pro Max Battery Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has found information that Apple has changed battery suppliers for the next generation iPhone. In ...

The journalists compared the time and speed of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in 5G networks with those of other flagships

The 12 Pro loses about two hours of battery life when switching to 5G. The New York Times Journalists Tom's Guide conducted a standard test battery ...

Apple released macOS Big Sur

The final version of macOS Big Sur is out for everyone, as Apple promised at the presentation of the new Macs on the M1 . The design of the system has ...

MacBook Air M1 hits Geekbench – Ryzen 5600X-like performance

And more powerful than mobile Core i9 and Ryzen 9 in single-threaded tasks. Several benchmark results for new Macs with ARM M1 processors have appeared ...

The first iPhone 12 mini reviews are out.  Apple finally made a top-end small smartphone

Apple lifted the embargo on Western iPhone 12 mini reviews. In general, everyone was happy with the new device. However, we also found disadvantages in him, ...

MagSafe Duo Charger first look on video

A video was leaked to the network demonstrating how the MagSafe Duo Charger charging works. It allows you to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the ...

Apple will oblige developers to report user data they collect from December 8

Special "shortcuts" will appear in the App Store. From December 8, the so-called "privacy labels" will appear in the App Store, which will contain ...

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 Additional Update has been released. What’s new

Apple has released an optional macOS Catalina 10.15.7 update with security fixes. Apple engineers have fixed three vulnerabilities related to the operation ...

Kuo: in 2021, most iPads and a third of MacBooks will go to Mini-LED screens

Previously, the analyst predicted that some of these devices will be announced in 2020. Analyst Min-Chi Kuo said Apple now has enough potential suppliers ...

How to measure noise with a headset and iPhone with iOS 14

One of the features of iOS 14 is the built-in ambient noise level meter. Using a connected headset, a smartphone or tablet will prompt when the user is in a ...

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