Cell jammers could not cope with Honor smartphones

The Russian authorities are actively struggling with the use of cell phones during the Unified State Examination, using video surveillance systems with machine vision elements, mobile device detectors and cellular signal blockers. It turned out that some smartphone models, including Honor, continue to work even with jammers.

This information is contained in a letter to Deputy Head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzayev, Deputy Minister of Communications Oleg Ivanov, which is at the disposal of CNews.

In 2019, blockers during the USE were used in 52 regions of Russia, 7.7 thousand jammers were installed. This has led to a decrease in the number of people removed from exams for using cell phones. However, there have been reports that cellular signal blockers cannot cope with some “modern models” of Honor smartphones. What kind of phones in question are not specified.

Experts noted that there are three main ways to block a cellular signal: spoofing (sending a false signal), DDoS attack, and placing a smartphone behind a screen that completely blocks communication (a case, for example, with a metal mesh). If the jammer works on the basis of spoofing, it is not clear how the phones bypass it. There is an opinion that the reason is the system of signal improvement and interference avoidance in Honor smartphones.

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