Chilean President received a fine for taking selfies without a mask with a local resident. He complained about himself

The photo on the beach cost more than the average monthly salary in the country.

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera announced his own violation of the mask regime and received a fine of 2.5 million pesos (about 3.5 thousand dollars). This was announced by the Ministry of Health of the Valparaiso region.

Before that , a photo of the president and an unfamiliar local woman on the beach circulated on social networks . The girl asked him about a joint picture and took a selfie – they were both without medical masks. The head of state has already apologized for what happened.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Chile has more than 581,000 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus and 16,000 deaths. The country has strict rules for wearing masks in public places: for their absence, they are punished, including by fines and imprisonment. In Chile, introduced a state of emergency and curfew.

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