China to completely ban the use of non-decomposable plastic by 2025 year

The use of plastic bags will be banned in the country by 2022.

China plans to stop using non-degradable plastic by 2025. This was written by the BBC with reference to the report of the National Commission for Development and Reforms of China.

According to the approved plan, by the end of 2020, all major Chinese cities will refuse to use indelible plastic bags and tubes. By 2022, they plan to ban them throughout the country.

The entire restaurant industry should reduce the use of plastic products by 30%. In addition, hotels are also required to abandon the use of disposable plastic items by 2025.

The publication recalled that China is one of the largest consumers of plastic. Due to the incredible amount of waste, the largest Chinese landfill with an area of ​​100 football fields has exhausted its volume 25 years ahead of schedule.

This is not the first attempt by China to combat the growth of plastic waste. In 2008, authorities prohibited merchants from distributing plastic bags for free. In addition, the government banned the production of ultra-thin bags.
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