Chinese alcohol drone lasts record time

Chinese scientists have successfully tested the “methanol battery”, which allowed a 15 kg drone to be in continuous flight for 12 hours. As part of the experiment, 15 flights were conducted. Equipped with four vertically mounted screws, the FY-36 unmanned aerial vehicle can accelerate to a speed of 90 km / h.

The drone is capable of carrying up to three kilograms of cargo and is designed for inspection of power lines, search missions, terrain surveys and intelligence activities. South China Morning Herald compares the FY-36 with the low-cost DJI Spark, which has a 15-minute power reserve, and an expensive solution of the same brand with about half an hour of flight time using lithium-ion batteries.

It is noted that the Chinese engineers had to work hard to circumvent a number of technical difficulties to create an effective “methanol battery.” Commercial production of drones with a new type of battery may begin in 2020.
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