Chinese authorities confirm transmission of a new virus from person to person after the death of a third patient

WHO has announced the convening of an emergency meeting.

An unknown virus found in China can be transmitted from person to person. This was reported by Global News with reference to the conclusion of the National Health Commission of China. The transmission method is not specified.

Chinese authorities said the outbreak of the new coronavirus has spread to other Chinese cities, including Shanghai and Beijing. Chinese President Xi Jipin explained that the main task now is to curb the spread of the disease.

In total, 217 cases of the new virus have been confirmed in China. Of these, 198 happened in Wuhan. In order to avoid an epidemic, customs checks on Chinese tourists intensified.

Due to the unknown coronavirus, WHO has announced the convening of an emergency meeting. The meeting will take place on January 23.

On January 15, one of the inhabitants of China died of pneumonia of unknown origin. Two weeks before his death, the man was hospitalized with impaired renal function and serious damage to internal organs. The third sick man died on January 20

Outside of China, the virus was diagnosed in two neighboring countries. Two cases were found in Thailand and another in Japan. All patients were associated with the source of infection – the city of Wuhan.

In China, a second person died of a new type of pneumonia: the main thing about being infected with an “unknown virus” 

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