Chris Avellone publicly apologizes to several girls after harassment charges

“I should have been better.”

Updated: Techland stopped working with Chris Avellone, and the creators of Bloodlines 2 said that the scriptwriter’s achievements were no longer in their game. Thus, he dropped out of almost all the projects that are publicly known. The developers of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous have not yet given any comments.

On June 20, a girl named Carissa (whose name is hidden), who works in the gaming industry, spoke about her experiences with Chris Avellone, screenwriter KotOR 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, as well as the upcoming remake of System Shock and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. He now acts as a narrative designer for Dying Light 2 from Techland.

According to Carissa, at one of the events Avellone watered her to a state where she was barely aware of what was happening around. He and her two friends brought her to a hotel room, after which they left – except for Avellone himself. Carissa does not remember what happened at night, but in the morning the developer admitted to her that she ultimately refused him sex. As she guessed, the reason she was able to do this was menstruation.

As Carissa said, Avellone noted this behavior not only in communicating with her, but also with many of her friends from the industry. According to her, some of the girls whom he tried to take away somewhere at the events were younger than Karissa herself – she was almost 30 years old at that time.

Carissa noted that after what happened between them, Avellone tried to behave as best as possible with her, because of which she for a long time could not believe what happened that night. Once the developer even escorted her to the metro station when she was again drunk.

This led to the fact that one day Carissa introduced Avellone to her friend, who after, she said, suffered more than a year of “emotional abuse” from the developer.

Over time, this girl was persuaded to stop talking with Avellone, but before that there was a time when he left her in the restaurant in the middle of the night while drunk – she had to go look for him in the streets, because she was worried that something might happen to him.

For Karissa, this was the last straw – she turned to two employees who worked on the event, in the framework of which all this happened, and reported on the behavior of Avellone. Those at this moment were just discussing the developer, and from that day Avellone is on the black list of this event. What kind of event in question is not specified, but this is not E3.

However, as Carissa noted, Avellone’s behavior has not improved since then, and it took his employers “several years to finally fire him”. Apparently, Carissa is referring to the Obsidian studio.

According to her, Avellone’s behavior was known in closed circles, but so far no one has dared to speak openly.

As a result, the indie developer Kelly reacted to Karissa’s thread . According to her, Avellone repeatedly touched her without permission, including from below her back, trying to take her to his hotel room. Avellone stopped only after her friend looked threateningly at the developer.

A few hours after these accusations, Chris Avellone publicly apologized on his twitter to a girl who did not write anything about him in her profile, but retweeted the initial thread of Carissa.

I should have been better, and I want to apologize. I’m sorry that nothing happened – I really tried.

Chris Avellone


Upon a request to tell about the situation from his point of view, Avellone said that he had nothing to say about his relationship with the girl he mentioned.

I have nothing to say. I should have been better, but I was not indifferent. We saw each other for years after our first meeting, and I do not regret anything.

Chris Avellone


At the same time, Avellone immediately pulled away from the support of the fans.

Carissa hates me, that’s true. I do not know how to fix this. Perhaps when you hurt someone else’s friends, there is no other way but to resolve the issue directly with the person. And there is no need to support me, I do not need it.

Chris Avellone


In response to the support from one fan, Avellone said that she should leave him, because he is already “almost in the grave.”

Leave me, it’s not worth it. I’m already almost in the grave. And I want to say that any of my work has always been done along with a strong team. Games are not created in any other way.

Chris Avellone


Avellon assured that people should not worry about his health after this recording. He said this only because “he is already old.”

However, the developer still asked the fans to abandon him (in the original, Avellone writes “cancel” – this term is used to describe a situation when people turn away from a public person / company after she committed an abusive act).

You worry too much about who it’s time to quit, which gives me hope for humanity. However, you should still leave me.

Chris Avellone


Avellone tried to talk with Carissa directly, but she blocked him and noted that, unlike him, she intentionally did not name the girls in her story about him.

Maybe talk to me? I did not want to hurt you or Jackie, I thought that between us everything ended well until I saw this thread. If I can’t do anything for you to apologize, then I will understand.

Chris Avellone


It’s hard to say how the story ends. None of the companies working with Avellone on their games have yet commented.


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