Chrysler Building in Spider-Man: Miles Morales replaced with another building due to copyright issues

It happens.

The Chrysler Building is considered one of the symbols of New York, and can be seen in many films featuring the city, including the Marvel comics. He’s also featured in 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

However, in the Spider-Man: Miles Morales spin-off, as noted by the players, there is no building. More precisely, it is, but it looks completely different and not so noticeable.

Game Informer journalists figured out the situation, and it turned out that this was due to copyright problems. The fact is that in 2019 the owners of the Chrysler Building changed, and the new ones, apparently, did not want the famous skyscraper to be shown in the Insomniac game.

As for the copyright itself, the lawyer explained in a conversation with Game Informer that it would still not work to protect every building in this way. If a house is inconspicuous and not much different from others, its owners cannot sue other people for the fact that they also build their houses nearby.

However, in the case of the Chrysler Building, we are talking about unique architecture and it falls under copyright law.

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