Co-owner of a space startup caught catching up on fake dating sites

One of the co-owners of the Firefly Aerospace startup, according to the Snopes investigation, has launched dozens of fake dating sites. They are called MyLustyWish, Loveaholics, SpicyDesires and the like, and are filled, as journalists say , with fake profiles. The profiles use “left” data, the photos are borrowed from third sources.

We are talking about the Ukrainian businessman Maxim Polyakov and his partner investor Mark Watt. According to Snopes, after registering on these sites, the user receives an endless stream of messages offering to switch to a paid account.

After payment, the user falls into the “subscription trap”: it is very difficult to unsubscribe. True, it is worth noting that large respected publications like The Wall Street Journal adhere to this practice.

The head of Firefly at the request of The Verge said that the startup is not connected to a network of dating sites and has no relation to them. He stressed that Polyakov, although he is the majority shareholder of the company, is not included in the work of the company on a regular basis. In addition, the rest of the Ukrainian affairs are in no way associated with Firefly.

In 2018, Firefly received a NASA contract as one of the companies that will develop a cargo delivery system to the moon. About a year before, Polyakov bought out the debts of Firefly, which filed for bankruptcy. It was founded in 2014 as Firefly Space Systems.

The acquired company was renamed EOS Launcher, and then – Firefly Aerospace. Now Polyakov and Watt appear on its website as the founders of the company. Watt also held the position of findirector, but so far he has been removed from her. He also stated that Snopes provided incorrect information. Polyakov did not respond to requests.

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