Coca-Cola will not refuse to use plastic bottles because of the great demand for them

A company spokeswoman said the switch to glass or aluminum containers poses a risk of increasing the carbon footprint.

Coca-Cola said it had no plans to abandon the use of plastic bottles due to the great popularity of packaging. This writes the BBC.

The head of the development department, Bea Perez, said that the company was unable to abandon the use of plastic bottles due to high demand. According to her, people like the possibility of re-closing and the ease of packaging. At the same time, Perez explained that the company is not ready to switch to glass or aluminum containers due to the risk of an increase in the carbon footprint.

The company also promised to increase the utilization of plastic bottles to volumes comparable to production by 2030. The company also plans to increase the use of recyclable materials used in production to 50%.

Environmentalists argue that despite the promise, a large number of plastic bottles of the company will still go to landfill. According to the publication, Coca-Cola produces about three million tons of plastic packaging per year. This is equivalent to 200 thousand bottles per minute.

On January 20, Chinese authorities announced plans to completely ban the use of non-degradable plastic by 2025. In the next two years, plastic bags will no longer be used in the country.

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