Concept: Covid-19 Coronavirus Protection Suit

“This suit will make contact with the virus a way of destroying it, not spreading it,” says the author of the project.


Co-founder of the architectural studio Penda, Sun Dayong, developed the concept of a costume designed to protect its owner from infection with the coronavirus Covid-19.

The costume was called “Be a Bat Man” (“Be a Bat Man”). Its base is two carbon wings in the form of wings that can be worn as a backpack. A film resembling a bat wing membrane is stretched between the supports. It is assumed that the capsule of the device will be able to heat up and generate ultraviolet radiation, sterilizing the environment.

The name of the project was not chosen by chance: on the one hand, the designer turned to the image of Batman as a superhero pushing the boundaries of human capabilities. On the other hand, bats are considered one of the potential causes of the start of the Covid-19 epidemic.

When we were little, we all dreamed of becoming Batman, a hero who fights evil and saves the world. Perhaps this dream is coming true today.

Sun Dayong

Sun Dayong admitted that in order to create such a device in reality, he needed to finalize the design together with the engineers. He also said that he wanted to find a supporter who could bring the idea to life. Functions designer Dayong agrees to perform for free.

The author of the idea believes that after the containment of the epidemic, “Be a Bat Man” can be improved using Google Glass technology or simply used as a “unique private mobile space”.

As of February 26, the official number of people infected with coronavirus worldwide is 81 184, 2769 people have died, more than 30 thousand patients have recovered.

The Russian authorities to combat the spread of Covid-19 denied entry to citizens of China, suspended flights to China, with the exception of Aeroflot flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

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