Conspiracy theory around 5G and coronavirus can spread from a single center

Researcher Mark Owen Jones of Hamad bin Khalifa University, which specializes in disinformation dissemination techniques, believes that allegations of a 5G link to the coronavirus pandemic are coordinated by certain stakeholders. He came to such conclusions by analyzing 22 thousand Twitter messages containing “5G” and “corona”.

Jones noted that the sources of such messages generate an unusually large number of messages that are not characteristic of accounts, writes Bloomberg. The researcher also noticed signs of “state support” for the campaign.

Blackbird.AI from the United States, which monitors online disinformation campaigns, also drew attention to the sharp increase in records promoting conspiracy theories about the connection of 5G and coronavirus on social networks. So, on Twitter and Reddit, over 24,000 of them were counted in 24 hours. According to the representative of Blackbird.AI, a lot indicates that the process is coordinated and the army of bots is involved in it.

Twitter declined to comment on the situation, and Reddit said it was making efforts to prevent data manipulation while trying to connect the audience with recognized experts.


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