Cool toy, but very expensive. Smartphone review Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone on February 11th. Its release was preceded by a long period of “folk testing” (we are talking primarily about Fold). As with any new device with technologies not yet tested in commercial products, not everything went smoothly. And now the new device reached the market.

Our cursory acquaintance with the new product happened earlier, now let us dwell on some of its features in a little more detail. We will not go into the description of the characteristics, but share our impressions.

The first experiences appear when you find out the price of the Galaxy Z Flip. Obviously, this is not a mass product targeted at a wide audience. Probably, buyers will be nostalgic for the clamshells of the past and ready to give a wad of money for a smartphone or those who want to create the image of a technologically savvy comrade. For the sake of image, some people are willing to make sacrifices …

 When folded, the Samsung smartphone resembles a heavy powder box or pouch with a glossy finish. Yes, it is covered with fingerprints, although this is not particularly noticeable. To open the smartphone, we take it in one hand, without using the second. Difficult.

General informationSpecification
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
ModelGalaxy Z Flip
Release date11th February 2020
Form factorTouchscreen
Dimensions (mm)167.30 x 73.60 x 7.20
Weight (g)183
Battery capacity (mAh)3300
Wireless chargingYes
ColoursMirror Black, Mirror Gold, Mirror Purple


Screen size (inches)6.7
Resolution1080x2636 pixels
Pixels per inch (PPI)425


Screen size (inches)1.1
Resolution112x300 pixels
Pixels per inch (PPI)303
Internal storage256GB
Expandable storageNo


Rear camera12-megapixel (f/1.8, 1.4-micron) + 12-megapixel (f/2.2, 1.12-micron)
Rear autofocusYes
Rear flashDual LED
Front camera10-megapixel (f/2.4, 1.22-micron)


Operating systemAndroid 10
SkinOne UI 2.0


Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothYes, v 5.00
USB Type-CYes


Face unlockYes
Fingerprint sensorYes
Compass/ MagnetometerYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes

You can get used to it, but it’s still not very convenient, including due to the length of the case, when the length of the fingers is not enough. There is a life hack from the past – to help with the chin. It turns out much more efficient, but slightly less hygienic.

Another surprise: when unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip gets lighter. It is clear that this is just an illusion, but due to the weight distribution, the smartphone with a flexible screen is now perceived almost as “too light” (in fact – 183 grams, which is not enough for the stated dimensions). “Halves”, by the way, weigh approximately the same, but we can’t verify for sure, since we were asked not to break the device.

With “office use”, when you don’t have to go anywhere and you are attached to the table (not in the literal sense), the smartphone is in an unfolded state, and there is no special desire to fold it “as it was”. Why? Firstly, at first it is not very convenient to do it with one hand and there is a fear: “You never know, it will slam hard” or “What if you pinch something?”. Secondly, this is a waste of time, and if you need to use a smartphone, you still have to lay it out.

Although the scripts can be a lot. When a wireless headset is connected, you can receive calls without laying out your mobile phone. Without it, too, but then – only a speakerphone, because you can’t attach a Galaxy Z Flip “box” to your ear.

In the folded state, a miniature 1.1-inch color touch display located symmetrically to the module with a dual main camera is used to display information. I would like to see an additional screen on the entire surface, which would add to it even more features and information, but this is already nitpicking.

 The screen size is 6.7 inches, this is a very elongated (widescreen) Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080×2636 pixels, a pixel density of 425 ppi and an aspect ratio of 21.9: 9. Even very optimized videos for this format leave frames around. But there is a solution: swipe with two fingers from the center out – and the picture on YouTube is cropped to the desired size (this may not work with widescreen videos initially).

The camera interface is also optimized for wide screen. At a certain angle, the picture moves to the top. It turns out as an opened powder box, where the image from the viewfinder is in place of the “mirror”, and the interface buttons are at the bottom. This is probably convenient for video calls, when the smartphone is on the table and you do not need to hold it in your hands (but in Skype, for example, the function does not work, the picture is stretched to full screen).

Of course, you are worried about the crease in the center of the screen. Yes, it is, yes, it is felt under the finger when you drive through the display, interacting with the interface. In theoretical reflections, before acquaintance with the smartphone, it seemed that the place of the bend would interfere and catch the eye. In practice, the fears have not been confirmed. At a certain angle, the deformation of the coating is noticeable, there is a distortion of reflections, but to say that it is “directly minus”, the language does not turn. On bright videos and photos, it is not at all noticeable.

The screen itself is surrounded by a kind of warm lamp frame (i.e. wide). It is needed to provide additional protection for the display, but we did not begin to check the scratch resistance of the protective coating. Moreover, it looks like a film on ordinary smartphones, which means that the material is probably soft – it will “heal” small scratches, and deeper ones will appear faster than on the usual “gorilla”. The panel that displays the image, in turn, cannot be thick due to the design and the need to bend. These are assumptions.

The brightness is average, warm colors prevailed in the test sample, but in the settings you can play with the temperature and drive the RGB sliders.

There were no questions about the speed of the smartphone. The Galaxy Z Flip runs on the 7nm Snapdragon 855 Plus , which is helped by 8 GB of RAM. 5G smartphones with super multi-megapixel cameras usually get more RAM. Battery capacity – 3300 mAh. How long the smartphone will last on charge, we have not yet verified. We believe that there will be no surprises – it will be released on average one and a half days.

With games, as you might guess, everything is fine. Unless a very wide screen brings confusion – I still do not understand whether it is convenient with it or not.

There are some questions to ergonomics. In the unfolded state, reaching for the control buttons is inconvenient: they are located high taking into account the length of the case, and they cannot be placed below because of the bend in the middle. It would be interesting to compare with the new Motorola Razr, which has a different, more “classic” design. At the same time, the assembly is tight, although there is a small soft backlash in the “not fully folded / unfolded” position. Probably, without it, the folding process, in which a proprietary two-jaw mechanism is involved, would be less convenient.

We decided to check if there is protection from the fool preventing attempts to fold the smartphone in the wrong direction. Let’s just say: the design rests, but there is a feeling that it is about to succumb to persuasion. It became scary for the wallet – we stopped.

With the camera, Samsung did not become wise, equipping the Galaxy Z Flip 10-megapixel front and dual 12-megapixel with support for 4K recording at 60 fps. The pictures, in the narrow-minded view, are quite on the level. In low light conditions, problems with details may begin or due to excessive efforts of artificial intelligence to make the picture better (either the watercolor effect appears, then the colors are torn). On the whole, it’s juicy, clear, at least when there is enough light, but the indicators are not flagship.

A funny misunderstanding is associated with the Flex Mode, which allows you to fold the smartphone in half and shoot in this form. Photos are vertical, which is logical, but unexpected.


Subjectively, the Galaxy Z Flip is a very expensive smartphone with an incomprehensible target audience. Its main features are associated with the form factor and flexible screen. This is exactly what the buyer pays for – for a bendable display. Everything else – the same or better performance, battery, screen, built-in memory, camera –

Therefore, we will call the Galaxy Z Flip a “commercial concept” that demonstrates new technologies. [woo_offer_product]

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