Cooler Master redesigned thermal grease syringe. Parents mistook him for drugs

Applying thermal paste to the processor before installing the cooler is a simple task. If you practice this procedure regularly. One way: I squeezed a paste with a pea from the syringe and gently spread it with a plastic card over the entire surface of the processor. But only parents can mistakenly accept scattered syringes and plastic cards in a minor’s room for something illegal.

That is why, and not to simplify the application of thermal paste, Cooler Master has changed the design of its syringe. At least, on his Twitter account, the manufacturer writes that he is tired of explaining to his parents that their children are not drug addicts and do not use drugs.

Thermal grease is a layer of a thermally conductive composition that is applied between the surface to be cooled and the heat-removing device. Cooler Master’s new thermal grease syringe design no longer looks like a medical syringe. And more like a marker. The nozzle of the novelty is wide and flattened.

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