Corning came up with folding glass for folding smartphones

The supplier of glass panels for the iPhone (and all major smartphone manufacturers) Corning is developing flexible glass for foldable smartphones.

An obvious problem with the first foldable smartphones, including those from Huawei and Samsung, is the lack of glass above the bendable display matrix. While plastic is used, it is easily scratched and not very durable.

Corning wants to deal with this and is now developing a foldable glass panel for these types of smartphones.

This was announced by Corning CEO John Bane. Corning teamed up with another company, Willow Glass, to create flexible glass.

Together they try to solve several problems, including finding the optimal production process. To make curved glass, it must be immersed in a solution of molten salt. And it corrodes the transistors used in screens. We have to come up with a different manufacturing mechanism.

Bane believes folding glass will be ready for mass production no sooner than in a few years. In the meantime, you have to endure scratches or blow off dust particles from bending smartphones. [ MacRumors ]

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