Creative director remake of Demon’s Souls, said that the game is not being used tracing rays

The PlayStation blog mentioned the opposite though.

The game’s creative director Gavin Moore told the Spanish edition of Level Up that the remake of Demon’s Souls does not use ray tracing for lighting .

According to Moore, ray tracing in the remake of Demon’s Souls is missing not because the PS5 lacks performance for this, but because the developers did not initially set themselves the task of introducing ray tracing into the game.

Moore also noted that the implementation of this technology requires an investment of resources that Bluepoint decided to use for other purposes.


We didn’t use ray tracing in the Demon’s Souls remake. But not because they could not or the PS5 is not capable of it – the console can do it.

Ray tracing, like any other graphics enhancement, comes at a cost. And if we were to implement it, we would not have done something else, since the development time is limited.

In addition, we initially did not plan to introduce ray tracing into the game; it was more important for us to focus on different settings and the appearance of the characters. Therefore, in the remake, everything is covered in the usual way in real time.


Gavin Moore
creative director of the Demon’s Souls remake

The lack of ray tracing in the remake of Demon’s Souls was confirmed by one of the specialists of Digital Foundry. In a June post on the PlayStation blog, it was mentioned that the game will be ray traced.

The remake of Demon’s Souls will be released simultaneously with the PS5: in some countries on November 12, and around the world, including in Russia, on November 19.

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