Crysis remaster will be released “this summer” – it is made in conjunction with Saber Interactive

After a series of leaks, Crytek officially announced Crysis Remastered. The updated game will be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch in the summer of 2020.

Judging by the description, the kit will include the addition of Crysis: Warhead – as the developers indicated the “campaign” in the plural.

At Crytek they promise:

  • HD textures
  • Temporal Smoothing (TAA)
  • SSDO (Screen Space Directional Occlusion)
  • SVOGI (voxel-based global lighting)
  • Updated depth of field effect to current standards
  • New lighting settings
  • Improved motion blur
  • Parallax occlusion mapping
  • Particle effects
  • Volumetric fog
  • Software Racing Tracing
  • Superior SSR

Together with Crytek, Saber Interactive, which made ports on the Nintendo Switch Witcher 3 and Vampyr, is involved in the project.

The first Crysis was released in November 2007 – the game became a kind of development of Far Cry’s ideas when Ubisoft decided to develop this franchise on its own. The shooter had outstanding system requirements at that time and turned into a meme for PC gamers.

When Nintendo announced the Switch, many players joked about Crysis on this low-power console. In 2020, the joke will become a reality.


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