Crytek pulled Crysis remaster information for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

There is no EA logo on the pages – it seems that the studio itself will be the publisher.


In addition, it was possible to extract a description. It says that the game will receive new graphics options, improved textures and support for raytracing on all platforms, including even Switch. For ray tracing, the company will use its own solution that works without dedicated hardware support.

The data entered the network in the form of incompletely edited blocks on the studio website. For example, before the announcement of the game there is still a postscript “Please use this.”


From one of the pages you can also extract a high-quality version of the game logo .

Intel later tweeted a remaster teaser trailer, although it didn’t appear on the official accounts of the game itself or Crytek. The tweet was soon deleted, but copies of the video remained online.

Players noticed the changes on the Crysis website as early as April 1, taking them for a joke, but on April 13, the official twitter of the series broke the long silence and began to post messages with hints.


What could the updated Crysis look like, Crytek showed in the summer of 2019 – then a small demo with a jungle on a tropical island appeared in the next trailer of the studio engine.

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