“Dad, how to hang a shelf”: American publishes video instructions with household tips for everyone who is left without a father

The author of the channel himself has matured without a father – now children and teenagers with dead or missing relatives find solace in his videos.

Robert Kenny Frame from the video “How to Use a Nail Finder”

The YouTube channel Dad, How Do I? ”, Where American Robert Kenney publishes instructions on things fathers usually teach – such as how to shave or how to change a tire. Dad left Robert’s family when he was a teenager. Therefore, Kenny decided to create a channel for people who also do not have the opportunity to ask their father for advice.

Robert launched the channel in April 2020. In short videos, he gives useful tips – how to hang a shelf, how to fix a toilet or how to check the engine oil level. But these are not just instructions: in each author reminds about the need to take care of oneself and jokes “dad jokes” (“father’s jokes”) – these are the predictable or outdated jokes that fathers usually tell their relatives.

How to tie a tie

However, users found not only advice on Robert’s channel, but also consolation – in the comments they share stories about their families. “My father died a few years ago, so I really appreciate this channel, thank you,” they say under the video “ How to hang a shelf .” “I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried. I have a rather crappy relationship with my father, I would never be able to ask him to teach me something like that … “, – write under the video” How to shave your face . “

How to clean the pipes in the bathroom

In social networks, Robert noticed in mid-May – on the Reddit post on “Dad, How Do I?” scored 92 thousand pluses. In the comments, users decided to support Robert and began massively subscribing to him – in just a few days, the channel gained one and a half million subscribers. Similar calls appeared on Twitter.


His father left him when he was 12. Now he launched the YouTube channel “Dad, how do I” to help children who grow up without fathers. Teaches them simple things you would normally ask dad. This is the most beautiful 😭

Even before the peak of popularity, in April, Robert gave an interview to Shattered, where he talked about his family and motivation to record videos. The author of the channel was born in Kansas in a large family with nine brothers and sisters. When Robert was 10 years old, they moved to Washington, and his mother began to drink. While his father worked in a neighboring city, the marriage of parents slowly disintegrated.

After the divorce, the father took custody of the children and received an injunction against the mother. Children often lived on their own – the only parent left food and left for work for a week. A turning point happened when the father told the children that he no longer wanted to live with them: “You know, I have enough children. Either you decide what you will do next, or I will hand you over to a foster family. ” Then Robert was 14 years old.

When his father was about 80 years old, Robert nevertheless forgave him – but he never made peace with his mother. Now Robert started his family and raised two children – Christina and Kyle.

The goal of my life has always been to grow up good adults. I never wanted to be rich. I didn’t want to be particularly successful. But I always wanted to grow up good adults – not children, but adults – because I had a tragic childhood.

Robert Kenny

YouTube blogger

Now that he has reached his goal, Robert realized that he has something to share with the younger generation. He always wanted to shoot videos about important things that are not taught at school. But before the coronavirus pandemic, Robert did not find the time for this: “My excuses ended when quarantine began.”

Robert noted that he wanted to help children and adolescents who ended up in a dysfunctional family or were left without parents: “I wanted to record a video about everyday activities, but at the same time I wanted to share my experience. I thought that I would just show people how to do different things, but the videos found a response at a completely different level. ”

After a sharp jump in popularity, Robert uploaded a video where he thanked all the new subscribers. The author of the videos also emphasized that he is not “an ideal father, but an Internet father”: “Understand, I did not always behave correctly with children. You cannot always do well, but the main thing is to ask for forgiveness and not to pretend that you know everything better than anyone else. ”

Thanks video

Robert releases videos every Tuesday, but this week he didn’t record it because of the suddenly piled up popularity – instead, he uploaded a video in which he stated that he was proud of all his viewers. Starting May 26, Robert plans to launch a series of tool videos on Tuesdays.

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