Daniel Ahmad: There are no indications that the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be postponed

Production in China begins to recover.

Despite a statement by DFC Intelligence that the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X may be delayed due to supply chain problems, analyst Daniel Ahmad, who works with the Chinese market, has not yet seen a reason for this.

According to Ahmad, everything can change, but now it seems that Sony and Microsoft still do not have to change plans. The key factor will be how things will be at the end of the second quarter of the year – that is, at the beginning of summer.

If production by that time does not have time to fully recover, then both companies will have reason to consider the option with the transfer.

In mid-March, Chinese authorities reported that the peak of the epidemic in the country had passed. Companies began to open their stores, and temporary hospitals for those infected with the new virus, on the contrary, closed.

Thus, the situation with production in China is already starting to get better, and the country has about another 2-3 months to restore disrupted processes.

However, even if there are no problems with production, for the same Sony there is still a question of cost and number of devices in the starting lots. Judging by early information, the company is ready to initially sell the PS5 at a loss, so the price is unlikely to be too high.

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