Demon’s Souls Remake Shows Character Editor And Photo Mode

The appearance settings have become much more than in the original.

Sony and Bluepoint Games showed how the character editor and photo mode work in Demon’s Souls for PS5, talked about their main features and presented the first screenshots.

For the editor, the developers have kept all the settings that were in the original game on PS3, but added many new ones. According to them, the total number of possible combinations reaches 16 million. For example, you can add not only tattoos and scars to a character, but also separately choose how his teeth will look.

And in the photo mode, players will have access to many different options to customize the picture. Among other things, you can hide the character himself or his individual pieces of equipment, such as a weapon or helmet, choose facial expressions and posture, and adjust the camera position, depth of field, or select a filter.

How many image filters will be in the game, the developers did not specify, but noted that all of them can be applied during gameplay by selecting in the settings. Among them there are monochrome and “classic”, which brings brightness, contrast and color gamut closer to those of Demon’s Souls on the PlayStation 3.

The game will be released on November 12, along with the start of PS5 sales in selected countries.


Character editor

Photo mode

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