Dennis Brannwall, Creative Director of the Star Wars: Battlefront series leaves DICE

It was under his leadership that the developers managed to fill Battlefront II with content and thereby neutralize its unsuccessful start.

Dennis Brannwall began his career at DICE as a junior level designer for Battlefield 4 and its expansion packs, before becoming involved with the Star Wars: Battlefront series. He was the lead designer of levels and game modes for the first game, released in 2015, and for the sequel he became first director of game design and then creative director of the franchise.

At E3 2018, it was Dennis Brannwall who announced the content for Star Wars: Battlefront II in the Clone Wars era, which was an important milestone for the development of the game as a service. Post-release support for the shooter, led by a development team led by Brannwall, eventually helped regain the audience loyalty that DICE had lost to the loot box system used at the start of Battlefront II.

I still remember the moment when we just got the Star Wars contract and at the studio meeting everyone had goosebumps and tears of joy. 8 years later, this journey is coming to an end – at the end of this month I will leave EA DICE. Thank you all. And may the force be with you, always.
Brannwall did not talk about his future plans, so whether he will remain in the gaming industry after leaving DICE is still unknown.
DICE ended support for Star Wars: Battlefront II content in May 2020.


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