Developers complain about the transfer of applications from iOS to Mac. The result of the curve, the user pays twice

This year, third-party developers have the opportunity to port their applications from iPad to Mac as part of the Catalyst project . Catalyst members and users have encountered issues that Apple does not comment on.

In the future, Project Catalyst will allow developers to create universal applications for the iPad and Mac. So far, they can only port applications from one platform to another.

There are now about 20 applications that were created using Catalyst in the Mac App Store on macOS Catalina.

James Thompson was able to transfer his PCalc calculator from iPad to Mac. Since PCalc was originally designed for the iPad’s large touch screen, Thompson had to redesign the PCalc interface and logic to look normal on a Mac. However, most of the source code remains the same.

Lucas Burgstaller, creator of the Fiery Feeds RSS reader , said that initially he had no difficulty porting the application from an iPad to a Mac. But then he ran into many problems trying to adapt Fiery Feeds to the Mac interface.

Thompson, Burgstaller and other developers are unhappy with how Catalyst works now. Apple promised porting by pressing almost one button, but in reality each application has to be adapted for a long time to make it work properly.

For this reason, the Mac App Store PCalc costs 749 rubles, and Fiery Feeds 2390 rubles.Not all apps that were purchased on the iPad will be free for the Mac, and this is unlikely to change.

Developers want to get money for their work. But users immediately have another question. Why can the application that was purchased on the iPhone be used on the iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, but not on the Mac?

This question has not yet been answered. Apple declined to comment.

There are examples in the world when an application runs on different platforms at no extra cost. The Google Play Store is available on Android and Chromebook. If the application was purchased on a smartphone, it will work without a problem on a laptop.

Perhaps in the future, Apple will simplify porting applications.

But now, the uncertainty in the issue of payment and crooked tools are the main reasons why developers do not want to participate in the Catalyst project. [ Bloomberg ]

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