Died the man who came up with “copy – paste”

At the 75th year of his life in the USA , Larry Tesler, the pioneer of the user interface, who came up with the concept of “copy”, “cut” and “paste” , died . For a long time he worked at Apple. Larry died on Monday, but the media found out about this just now.

Larry Tesler was born in New York in 1945, studied computer science at Stanford, and studied artificial intelligence. In 1973, he got a job at the Xerox Research Center in Palo Alto, where he developed the concept of “copy”, “cut” and “paste”. These concepts in the future will become important functions not only of text editors, but also of almost any other software, operating systems.

Tesler also worked on the first dynamic object-oriented programming language, Smalltalk, and the first Gypsy GUI. From 1980 to 1997, Tesler worked at Apple for the Lisa computer and the predecessor of tablets, Newton’s personal digital assistant (PDA).

After Larry managed to work at Amazon, Yahoo and 23andMe, was a UX consultant.

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