Digital Foundry installs 8 TB SSD in PS4 Pro – games load up to three times faster

True, such a drive itself is twice as expensive as the console itself.

Experts at the “iron” division of Eurogamer tested how much you can improve the performance of the PlayStation 4 if you replace the standard mechanical HDD with a modern SSD.

The experiment used a Samsung 870 QVO SSD with 8 TB – it costs about $ 900 (66 thousand rubles) in the United States. But you can choose any SSD for the upgrade – the PS4 Pro still cannot use the full speed of even a relatively slow drive.

  • The PS4 Pro is better suited for upgrading than the standard or Slim version, as it uses SATA III, and the lower models use the slower SATA II.
  • An SSD can be installed inside the console instead of a pre-installed HDD, or connected via USB – there will be an increase in speed anyway, but internal connection is slightly faster.
  • External USB connectivity is simpler and allows you to easily transfer your game library to PS5 thanks to backward compatibility.
  • PS5 games cannot be installed on an external SSD – at least not on those available on the market right now.
  • According to the test results, the speed of loading saves when switching to an SSD increased from 11 to 313% depending on the location and the game.
  • The difference between the SSD installed inside and connected via USB is 1 to 5 seconds.
  • An SSD connected via USB does not give an increase in the speed of the interface of the entire system.
  • In any case, the SSD gives a big increase in the speed of loading textures and objects – in The Witcher 3, FF VII Remake and Days Gone, textures, vegetation and character models are not loaded directly in the frame, as is the case on the HDD.

Full analysis on video

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