Digital Foundry PlayStation 5 interface review

On November 7, John Linneman of Digital Foundry released a 17-minute guide to the PS5 interface – with all the details possible. We have selected key points from the video.

  • PS5 counts the exact time spent by the user in games.
  • The console remembers all games that you own or have previously played. Titles installed using another account or from disk are still displayed in the library – with a lock icon.
  • Games installed on an external drive are displayed in the library and run without problems. It’s worth noting that this is only possible for PS4 games – PS5 titles cannot be transferred even temporarily.
  • The PS5 does not yet have folders for games, but access to the library has become instant. There you can sort titles by various parameters, including belonging to the PS5, PS4 or PS3 generation (probably referring to PS Now).
  • PS Store cannot be shown to journalists yet.
  • If you are playing with 5.1 or 7.1 sound, the position of the speakers can now be set directly in the system, and you do not have to do this in games.

  • The overlay that can be invoked during games is customizable. Unnecessary items are allowed to be hidden from it.

  • PS5 stores error messages in a log in a separate menu. You can find out when and which game encountered what problem.

  • The system allows you to customize many default settings for games – quality priority or frame rate priority, difficulty level, control in first and third person modes, as well as the default game language and enable or disable subtitles.

  • All functions of the gamepad can be calibrated for yourself – reduce vibration or make the indicator light less bright.

More details can be found in the full video.

Earlier, the first full PS5 reviews appeared on the network, from which you can find out the main points about the operation of the console – including the mode of backward compatibility with games of the PS4 era.
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