Digital Foundry tests DIRT 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series – Sony version is better

The developers are already preparing an update with fixes for many problems.
The first thing Digital Foundry encountered when parsing was a darker picture on the PS5 recording compared to the Xbox Series videos. This only applies to SDR mode – in HDR, apparently, there is no problem.

This will probably be fixed in patches.

DIRT 5 includes three graphics modes: Graphics Priority, Resolution Priority (both with a 60 FPS ceiling), and 120 FPS.

Prioritizing graphics quality

This mode uses better resolution shadows. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game run in dynamic 4K with a lower bar at 1440p, and Series S – in dynamic 1440p, most often in the 1080p region.

As it turned out, in this mode the PS5 has on average a higher dynamic resolution, as well as better texture filtering.

When it comes to FPS, the PS5 and Series X manage to maintain 60fps with subtle drops, however there are frame tears on both consoles that completely disappear using VRR on the Xbox.

The Series S version shows itself a little worse in terms of FPS, but in general with the same VRR the drawdowns will be invisible to the eye.

Resolution priority

In this mode, the graphic settings are generally similar to the enhanced picture mode, but there are differences, for example, in the number and resolution of shadows. The Series S has the biggest differences – for example, fewer parts.

The PS5 and Series X are back to dynamic 4K, while the Series S averages the same 1080p as in graphics priority mode. In theory, this version can reach 1440p, but it is extremely rare.

With frame rates, the situation is again about the same – all three consoles cope with holding 60 FPS with small drawdowns.

120fps mode

On PS5 and Series X, the game runs at dynamic 1440p with drawdowns up to 900p. On the Series S, meanwhile, resolution can drop as low as 570p.

In this mode, Digital Foundry encountered a possible bug – they did not find another logical explanation. On Series X, the game looked significantly worse than on PS5, and it immediately caught the eye when comparing the picture. There is a difference in everything, including geometry and quantity of parts.

As for FPS, in general, 120 frames per second works well on all three consoles, but on PS5, problems may arise on several tracks – for example, in the very first event.

The first event in the game – some of the worst cases seen by Digital Foundry

In most cases, the PS5 version holds 120 FPS
The developers from Codemasters have already reacted to the parsing and announced that they are working on a patch that fixes many of the problems from the video.

While the update is released, it is not yet known.

Digital Foundry YouTube video only available in 1080p

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