Disable Apple Music auto-subscription

Apple Music already pleases with millions of songs, but thoughts of a paid subscription haunt? Turn off auto-renewal, and decide whether to pay or not in three months.

The first day of July met us with a pleasant update from Apple. With the release of iOS 8.4 and OS X 10.10.4, users were waiting for the new Music app and an updated version of iTunes 12.2.0 , and with them the Apple Music music service – a loud answer from Spotify , Google Music and the entire streaming music industry (for a detailed overview of the service, click here ) The first three months of using the service will be available absolutely free of charge, and then a paid subscription will be offered to the user. For Russia, the cost of a month using Apple Music for an individual subscription will cost 169 rubles; family access (up to 6 people) – 269 ​​rubles . For other countries, the price ranges from $ 1.99 / $ 2.99 (India) to $ 9.99 / $ 14.99 (USA) .

Before starting to use the three-month test period, Apple provided for compulsory confirmation by the user to issue a paid subscription and to prolong the use of the service after 90 days of free broadcasting . It is this fact that scares away potential users – no one wants to pay for a pig in a poke. But you can unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe option in iTunes (on Mac)

A prerequisite for using Apple Music on a Mac is iTunes installed with version 12.2.0 or higher . The updated application has several new tabs in the Music section. To subscribe to the service and get 3 months of free use, click the For You tab . If you are in the iTunes Music, App Store or any other online store menu, just scroll the screen and select “Trial period (90 days)” in the lower left corner .

Having chosen the item 3 months for free , you will be asked to decide on a tariff plan. It’s up to you to decide: for your beloved or for all households who, like you, are eager to stay with your music everywhere.

Now attention! If you have never bought albums or music from the iTunes Store (apps purchased from the App Store do not count), Apple will greet you with a verification window. Confirmation is strictly necessary and without it, subscribing to Apple Music will be impossible.

The check is paid and its cost is from $ 0.99 (depends on the country to which the account is linked). Money is debited immediately after you confirm the CVV code of your card in the corresponding menu. And this, alas, cannot be avoided. Verification of the Apple Music service has nothing to do, but is a prerequisite on the part of Apple, which makes possible any purchases in the iTunes Store.

We continue to subscribe. The next pop-up will inform you that the subscription to Apple Music is paid and amounts to the nth amount (depending on the country and tariff plan).

Do not hesitate and feel free to click Buy . Money will not be debited , but instead, a confirmation message from Apple will be sent to your inbox with the following content:
The Apple Music service itself will be activated immediately and you can start choosing your musical preferences, but for now, pay attention to the “Manage Subscriptions” link in the letter . By following the link, you will be taken to the subscription management page . You can also get to this menu through the account properties in iTunes by opening the corresponding menu item.
In the menu that opens, active active subscriptions for your account will be displayed. All that remains for us is to turn off AutoUpdate .

Now you have three free months ahead of using the Apple Music service. Subscribing to a streaming service in the future is your personal decision, which you will take consciously, avoiding automatic debit of funds from the card.

Unsubscribe option in iOS

You can find information on how to subscribe to Apple Music from an iOS device and the principles of its operation in the corresponding review , and we will immediately get down to business and suspend the subscription renewal from the control menu of the updated Music application in iOS 8.4.

Go to the For you tab and open the menu of your account by tapping on the corresponding icon. Then select Subscriptions – Manage .
In the menu that opens, turn off the Auto-renew slider (you need to drag it – a simple tap will not work).
Auto-renewal for Apple Music is disabled. You have 90 days of free use of the service from the moment it is activated.

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