Disney has appointed a new CEO – Bob Iger will leave the post and will be engaged in the creative side of the business

Bob Iger and Bob Capek

Iger will remain in the position of chairman of the company and will monitor its creative development until the date of completion of his contract – December 31, 2021. But the agreement is likely to be extended – it does not leave the company, but focuses on part of its activities.

According to Variety , the appointment was a surprise for market participants and some top managers. However, Eiger himself believes that “the transfer of power after the acquisition of Fox and the launch of Disney + is“ the best time. ” The former general director will be directly involved in the production of content, giving “accounting” to a successful manager.

Over the past 12 months, the company has become larger and more complex. After deploying our resources and implementing our strategy, I realized that I want to spend as much time as possible with the creative part of our business. In 2021, this will become our top priority.

Bob Iger

former head of Disney

Bob Czapek has taken over as Disney’s CEO since February 25th. He worked at the company for 27 years, since 2015 he was engaged exclusively in theme parks, and in 2018 other Disney consumer products fell under his supervision.

Iger led Disney since 2005 – it was with him that the company acquired the studios Pixar, Marvel, Lucasailm and 20th Century Fox, and also entered the online movie theater market. In addition, it was under Iger that the studio relied on “event films” with large budgets and franchises, thus occupying a dominant position in the market and essentially changing the face of world movie distribution.


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