Doomed characters in Watch Dogs: Legion don’t die until they’re recruited

This was empirically found out by the editor PC Gamer, who followed such characters and played three of them – the grandmother unexpectedly lived the longest.

The Doomed in Watch Dogs: Legion are characters with a special trait called Doomed who can die at any time because of it. To check if this is so, the editor of PC Gamer magazine Christopher Livingston watched such heroes for several hours – and realized that they did not die by themselves.

This was confirmed by Ubisoft – in correspondence with Livingstone, the game developers said that the doomed character could unexpectedly die only after the player recruits him and plays for the hero for at least an hour. However, the editor of PC Gamer stated that under his control, the doomed suddenly died earlier.

The first character with the Doomed trait to be recruited by a journalist was a mime actor who imitates a statue. Driving it, Christopher Livingston went through one quick mission and made a little graffiti, after which he decided to climb a high-rise building – and at that moment his hero suddenly died.

The second doomed, played by the editor of PC Gamer, was designer Melissa Al-Farooqi. For her, the journalist only managed to win a darts in a pub, and then went to the park – but the girl suddenly died and fell into a scooter.

In conclusion, Christopher Livingston recruited doomed grandmother Jen Nakamura. The journalist thought that she would die even faster than his previous characters, but the old woman lasted the longest. Playing her, Livingston first went through the shops of Camden Town, then tried to take part in clandestine battles, and when it did not work, he flew a drone, played darts and got to the London Eye.

Jen Nakamura survived it all and was even able to fight the Kelly gang. Then death overtook her – but not sudden, but from bullets and grenades of opponents.

Watch Dogs: Legion was released on October 29th for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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