Doomsday Clock has moved forward 20 seconds. Now they show 100 seconds before midnight and a nuclear disaster

Doomsday clock moved closer to midnight, which symbolizes the onset of a nuclear cataclysm. Journal of the University of Chicago, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, has been moving arrows since 1947. And today, the watch turned out to be as close to midnight as possible in its 73-year history. Now they show 23:58:20. Why did the clock move 20 seconds closer to midnight?

“ Doomsday watches are an internationally recognized indicator of the vulnerability of our existence ,” the speaker said at a press conference on the movement of watches. – This is a metaphor, backed up by rigorous scientific research. This is not just an analogy. Now, until midnight, 100 seconds are left. And the world must wake up.

2020 began with several shocks and mounting tensions in the Middle East.

– Everything that we called new and abnormal last year (the terrible state of affairs in the field of nuclear safety and climate change) has now become an obviously stable and disturbing reality in which things are not improving. A truly dangerous world has become the norm .

The clock was moved a minimum distance to midnight due to a conflict with Iran and rumors about the latter developing nuclear weapons. The current state of international relations is compared with the fragile nuclear landscape of the Cold War: US-North Korean negotiations have failed, the Iranian nuclear deal could fall apart, and ongoing disputes between Iran and Pakistan could lead to a nuclear conflict.

The development of weapons with artificial intelligence systems, experiments with pathogens and hypersonic weapons pushed for the transfer of arrows. Added to this is climate change, which is increasingly causing adverse weather events occurring with greater intensity. And it turns out a great cocktail of a fragile world.
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