Durov supported the unblocking of Telegram in Russia. The State Duma said that he is not already blocked in the country

According to the State Duma deputy, the position of the head of Telegram “does not correspond with reality.”

Pavel Durov spoke in support of the initiative of deputies of the State Duma and Dmitry Fedota Tumusova Ionina Telegram for unlocking in Russia. He explained that this would allow 30 million messenger users in the country to use the service more comfortably.

According to Durov, initially Telegram in Russia was blocked under the auspices of the fight against terrorism. However, for more than two years, the messenger has learned to fight extremism itself, without sacrificing user privacy.

Our experience in dozens of countries over the past 6 years shows: the fight against terrorism and the right to privacy of personal correspondence do not exclude each other. I hope that taking into account world practice and the specifics of modern technologies will help Russian lawmakers combine these two tasks. For my part, I will continue to support such initiatives.

Pavel Durov

founder of Telegram

In response, Anton Gorelkin , a deputy and member of the State Duma’s Committee on Information Policy, said that Telegram was not blocked in Russia. In his opinion, Durov simply has not been in the country for a long time.

Pavel Durov has not been to Russia for a long time and therefore does not know that Telegram is not blocked in our country. I myself have a channel in Telegram and I know that for sure. There is a court decision by which Roskomnadzor is obliged to block this messenger. But, as we know, the blocking did not take place.

Anton Gorelkin

State Duma deputy

Gorelkin also said that the initiative of the deputies to unblock Telegram – “action in the field of PR, not law.” According to him, the court decision could not be canceled in parliament, since these are different branches of government – only a higher judicial authority can cancel the decision.

Deputy Anton Gorelkin is best known as the author of a bill to restrict foreign capital in Russian IT companies. According to the document, if a company is recognized as “significant for Russia”, then its owner can only be in Russia, and the share of foreign participation should not exceed 20%.

As suggested by the media, the bill was aimed at Yandex, which is owned by the Dutch Yandex NV. In November, the company changed the management structure: part of the functions were transferred to a special public interest fund, which could temporarily remove the general director. On the same day, Gorelkin withdrew the bill for revision.

On April 22, deputies Tumusov and Ionin prepared a bill to unblock Telegram in Russia. They proposed to prohibit the blocking of services that the authorities use during high alert or emergency situations.


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