EA banned the streamer after criticizing FIFA and spitting on a company logo scarf

Previously, this cybersportsman was banned from playing in all official FIFA 20 championships.

Electronic Arts has blocked the EA account of Kurt Kurt0411 Fenech, a streamer and esportsman who criticized the company and did not give a damn about the scarf with its logo. This was reported by EA on Twitter.

Fenech EA was banned at all tournaments in October 2018. The company then called “personal attacks” on other players the reason for this punishment. Before that, the esports player criticized FIFA 2019: he said that the game was unfinished and contained a lot of mistakes. He also allegedly threatened other EA players and employees.

I was banned from playing tournaments. They took from me what I enjoyed the most – the opportunity to compete with the best players. I have given everything to this game in the last 10 years. She was my life.

Kurt Fenech


After this ban, attackers hacked Twitter accounts of a number of EA employees. After that, records in support of Fenech began to appear there. The company’s employees on Twitter began to insult and threaten.

The company has now stated that “since then, Fenech has continued to insult and threaten EA employees and other players, and has encouraged others to do so.”

His messages crossed the line of decency and violate our conditions. We will not tolerate threats. Today, the Kurt0411 account will be blocked due to serious and repeated violations.

statement Electronic Arts

In response to this statement, Fenech asked for an example, “when he threatened incompetent EA employees.”

In his commercials, Fenech also called EA employees “cowards,” and once spat on a scarf with the company logo. He explained his act by saying that “the company has spat on us for the past few years.”

This is what Kurt was banned for [at the tournaments]. I am for freedom of speech, but this is disgusting behavior. How can you spit on the logo of the company in whose games you want to become a professional e-sportsman?

In February, Fenech also released a diss on EA.

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