EA Launches the FIFA Playtime App – Through It Players Can Track How Much Time And Points They Are Spending In FIFA 21

And also limit yourself to some in-game actions.

FIFA Playtime is an in-game application that should appear in FIFA 21 on PC by the end of the day on November 12; on PS4 and Xbox One, it will be released on November 17th.

With FIFA Playtime, players will be able to track how much time they spend in FIFA 21 and how much FIFA Points are spent. They can be purchased in-game for real money, but users will not be able to find out their spending on purchasing glasses. As EA explained, the details of the monetary transactions in FIFA 21 are known only to the holders of the platforms on which the game is available, i.e. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

FIFA Playtime will also allow you to set limits – players will be able to determine the number of matches available, the number of points that can be purchased, and the number of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs that can be opened with FUT Coins or purchased with FIFA Points.

EA announced the introduction of the FIFA Playtime app after two Canadian residents filed a lawsuit against it in October over loot boxes in FIFA, and the authorities in the Netherlands recognized loot boxes in FIFA as a form of gambling in October, which threatens EA with a fine for amount up to 10 million euros.

The company also noted that the appearance of FIFA Playtime in FIFA 21 is related to its own initiative Positive Play Charter (“Charter on positive behavior in games”). EA unveiled it in June 2020 and published a set of rules for dealing with toxicity in games as part of it.

In addition to FIFA Playtime, the publisher will launch a special page for parents of underage players on their website. It will publish information on the possibilities of limiting in-game spending and the time that users spend in games.

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