EA Quarterly Report: BFV weak start, Apex Legends’ phenomenal successes and new Need For Speed

Holiday months were given to the publisher’s tough, but the year started positively.


  • After Apex Legends and Anthem in the new fiscal year (starts on April 1) EA plans to release the following parts of Plants vs. Zombies and Need for Speed, as well as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn. Of course, sports titles will not go anywhere.
  • Need for Speed ​​and Plants vs. Zombies should be released before April 2020. NFS usually starts in the fall.
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is still scheduled for fall.
  • In 2019, there will be another bonus game with an “unusual approach” on the theme of Titanfall. Analyst Daniel Ahmad notes that this is most likely not about free-to-play, but the studio emphasizes that this is not a VR spin-off.
  • There are now two teams in Respawn – one working on shooters and the other on third-person adventure games.
  • EA is going to launch its subscription service on the next platform. Perhaps this is an analogue of Origin Access Premier for the Xbox.
  • EA is working on technology to speed up or run games from the cloud. He plans to make it part of his subscription services.


  • For the calendar year 2018, FIFA 19 became the best-selling console game in Europe. The number of matches in the FIFA Ultimate Team for the year increased by 15%.
  • FIFA 19 sold at FIFA 18 and fell short of EA’s expectations. However, the series still set a total sales record for the year – thanks to sales of the previous parts.
  • Mobile games by Command & Conquer did not receive a large number of installations and did not bring a lot of revenue.
  • EA Live Services Are Not Growingcompared to the same quarter last year. The number of game downloads increased by 5%, and the mobile unit dipped by 22%.
  • 47% of games on the PS4 and Xbox One for the year EA sold in “figure”. Battlefield V was much less likely to be bought on disk than Battlefront II.
  • Gross profit increased by 33% compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Revenue for the quarter rose from 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion dollars, but still was below expectations.
  • EA lowered its fiscal year earnings forecasts (ending March 31) from $ 5.2 billion to $ 4.75 billion. The forecast for revenue for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year is also lowered from 1.75 billion dollars to 1.17 billion.
  • EA called the quarter from October to December 2018 “difficult.” The company performed below both its own expectations and those of analysts. EA is about to shift the focus of its research and development.
  • After the report for investors EA shares fell 10%.

Battlefield V, Apex Legends and Anthem

  • EA admitted that Anthem’s reception was controversial – including due to technical difficulties with the demo.
  • EA expects Anthem to sell between 5 and 6 million copies by the end of the quarter, which ends March 31.
  • Apex Legends is built from the ground up – the game will receive regular updates and develop in different directions. A mobile version and crossplay are planned.
  • Apex Legends played 2.5 million people per day.Expected 3 million. The peak of simultaneous players was 600 thousand people.
  • Apex Legends will receive in-game events related to the Titanfall brand.
  • Battlefield V was created as a service, but entered the market with intense competition. Its results were also influenced by the late postponement of the release date and the lack of content at the start.
  • EA believes that it was in vain that they put on the BFV campaign. It was necessary to make the priority of the release not her, but the “royal battle”.
  • Battlefield V has sold 7.3 million copies since its release. EA expected 8.3 million.
  • Battlefield 1 launches 4 million people a month, and BF4 – 2 million.

2.5 million

Apex Legends unique users per day

600 thousand

people played Apex Legends at the same time

4 million

users per month still plays Battlefield 1

2 million

Users Per Month Still Launches Battlefield 4

7.3 million

copies of Battlefield V sold since release, that’s a million less than expected

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