Elon Musk gave California more than a thousand artificial ventilation of lungs

These devices were purchased in China, and not made at the Tesla factory.

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla, EIon Musk, bought and donated 1,255 mechanical ventilation devices (IVLs) to California for free. The entrepreneur reported this on Twitter.

Musk explained that these devices were not made at the Tesla factory, as was expected in the media, but purchased in China. In a conversation with Bloomberg, State Governor Gavin News called the businessman’s actions heroic.

The entrepreneur has repeatedly shown his skepticism about the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19. He called panic over the outbreak of illness “stupid” and claimed that the children were immune to infection. In addition, for several days he resisted the authorities’ demands to close the Tesla factory, but as a result agreed.

According to the latest data , the United States ranks third in the number of infected Covid-19, losing to Italy and China. There are more than 46 thousand patients with coronavirus in the country.


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