Embracer Group commented on the fate of Biomutant and the sale of Shenmue III

Executive Director of Embracer Group (the parent company of Deep Silver, which publishes Shenmue III) Lars Wingfors during a briefing of investors commented on the sales of Shenmue III.

I’m glad fans love Shenmue III, but this game is not for the mass market.

Lars Wingfors

CEO of Embracer Group.

Shenmue III was released in November 2019 and received mixed critical ratings, while the user’s Metacritic rating for the game was slightly above average – 7.9 points.

On February 13, Embracer Group reported weak sales of the game. The report stated that the unsuccessful release of Shenmue III had a profound effect on Deep Silver, and that the publisher’s revenue for the third quarter of 2019 fell by $ 8 million.

Finally, the developers of Biomutant (also published by a subsidiary of Embracer Group THQ Nordic) issued an appeal in which they reassured fans and said that the development of the game was ongoing, and they would share the date when they were sure of that.

Biomutant is an action RPG with slasher elements that takes place in a world full of mutants. The game was supposed to be released in 2018, but in the end it was postponed indefinitely.

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