Enthusiasts have solved the problem with the “MacBooks”, which do not have the necessary connectors

Apple makes great laptops, every year it’s better, more portable and more productive. True, there is a problem: connecting peripherals to the “MacBooks” is difficult or impossible. There is a solution: carrying an extra bag with a thin laptop with a set of adapters for all occasions – with their help, the coolest MacBook Pro turns into a universal computer.

Startup DGRule found how to solve the problem by announcing a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter back in December 2019 . To start, novice engineers needed at least $ 5 thousand – then you can arrange the release of an “invisible” docking station equipped with the necessary set of ports. The hub is compatible with 13-, 15- and 16-inch “firmware” Apple models of 2016 and later.

The amount was collected in six hours, which indicates the relevance of the decision. Now, less than a day before the end of the campaign, more than 3.6 thousand who have transferred more than $ 330 thousand have gathered to support the project.

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