Escobar sues Apple and claims $ 2.6 billion

Roberto’s brother Pablo Escobar and his company filed a lawsuit against Apple for vulnerability in FaceTime. It is alleged that the service leaked the address of a relative of the drug lord, and now he fears for his life – allegedly several assassination attempts have been made on Roberto Escobar. It all started after buying the iPhone X in 2018, and a year later Diego contacted him.

Who Diego is is unknown, but this one stated that Escobar had learned the address using FaceTime. Roberto claims that he purchased the iPhone X after a call from an Apple consultant who assured the businessman that the smartphone was completely protected from data leaks.

However, in 2019, a vulnerability was discovered in the FaceTime application that allowed a user to be called when they make a call before he answers the call. Two weeks after the bug became known, Apple released a patch to fix it.

Escobar believes that it was too late and after a letter with threats he was forced to hide. The amount of the claim includes three basic requirements: $ 100 million for violating the contract (it was assured that no iPhone exploits are scary), $ 500 million for not informing Apple of the vulnerability in FaceTime on time, and $ 2 billion in compensation for moral suffering.


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