European Parliament wants to force Apple to abandon Lightning in iPhone

The European Commission is discussing a law that will force Apple to abandon Lightning in favor of USB-C.

Some lawmakers want all devices to use the same charging port.

Apple is opposed to this law. According to the company, it will lead to a lack of innovation, environmental pollution and harm users.

Over 1 billion Apple devices have been released with the Lightning connector in addition to an entire ecosystem of accessories manufacturers and devices that use Lightning. We want to be sure that any new legislation will not lead to the supply of unnecessary cables or external adapters with each device and will not obsolete the devices and accessories used by millions of Europeans and Apple customers around the world.

This would lead to an unprecedented amount of e-waste and would create significant inconvenience to users. Forced destruction of this huge market will have consequences that go far beyond the stated goals of the Commission.


They have been trying to introduce a similar law in Europe since 2009, so there is no guarantee that parliament will adopt this version. MacRumors ]

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