“Even Downey Jr.’s Charisma Doesn’t Save”: Critics Defeat “Dr. Dolittle ‘s Amazing Journey ”

What they write in the first reviews.

On January 15, reviews of Doolittle, a new adaptation of Hugh Lofting’s children’s books about a veterinarian who can talk to animals, appeared. The main role was played by Robert Downey Jr., and animals were voiced by other stars – Tom Holland, Ralph Fiennes, John Cena, Selena Gomez and others.

Critics defeated the film: on the Metacritic, “Dolittle” scored 31 points, and on Rotten Tomatoes – 12% of positive reviews.

Journalists almost unanimously declared the tape the worst adaptation of the books of the same name. The 1967 musical received nine Oscar nominations, of which two won, and the 1998 film with Eddie Murphy was not rated so highly, but it still became successful.

Doolittle 2020, according to critics, is trying to bring as much of it into the classic story as possible, but in the end it quickly gets bored.

The problem is that the latest Doolittle is the most careless movie. The adaptation of literary classics from director Stephen Geigan is as predictable as nasty. In defense of the film, we can say that the viewer quickly forms a connection with cute CG creatures, and the plot reveals stories about psychological trauma. But this adaptation lacks charm, and viewers have to endure a promiscuous scenario.Courtney Howardauthor Variety

No doctor can cure what Doolittle suffers from. From the very first scene, it becomes clear that something terrible has happened with this expensive attempt to popularize the literary classics about animals again. […] You can literally hear the children whining: “Mom, dad, let’s go home?”Todd McCarthyauthor of The Hollywood Reporter

Scriptwriters often go beyond the original story to sketch out their own story – borrowing just the right thing from the novels. And it is unfortunate that the development of new characters has not been worked out as much [as in the old ones].Courtney Howardauthor Variety

Dolittle is blamed for cheap ways to cheer up a young audience – including a huge number of farting jokes.

But history is not the worst. Animals constantly make jokes: about farting, about burping, about members, about “bros” […] – so much so that the story sometimes ceases to budge at all.Karen Khanauthor Polygon

And even the charisma of Downey Jr., according to critics, is not enough to save the whole film.

All these unsuccessful attempts to make a joke nullify Downey’s inherent charisma – so amazing in the adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, and completely lost in Doolittle.Courtney Howardauthor Variety

Trying to portray a Welsh accent, Downey becomes half Tony Stark and half Jack Sparrow, and as a result does not land either here or here. However, it is difficult to blame him, because often he had to play a role against the course of the film. And any development of Doolittle’s character is ultimately nullified by his bestial companions.Karen Khanauthor Polygon

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