Ewok Hunter and Large Ships: Details of the Revolt Epoch Update for Star Wars: Battlefront II

The update will be released on February 26.

The Age of Rebellion update will add to Star Wars: Battlefront II as reinforcements for the Ewok Hunter Alliance, which uses a bow, spear and incendiary particles of whistles in battle, and for the Empire, an SBI agent with two blasters.

Seven additional locations will appear in the joint game: Endor, Yavin 4, Death Star II, Hot, Tatooine, Kessel and the Jabba Palace – as well as large spaceships as separate maps for attack and defense. So, Venator, the Dreadnought, the star cruiser MC85 and the star destroyer of the First Order of the Renaissance class will enter the joint game.

The developers will also add four different blasters, improve Leia’s abilities and update the interface and appearance of a number of fighters – a Wookiee warrior, an imperial jet attack aircraft and a flying rebel.

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