Excess Exercise: First Opinions on the Samsung Galaxy S20 with 100x Zoom and Galaxy Z Flip “Clamshell”

Journalists praised both smartphones, but they were confused by the ratio of prices and innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Photo Input Mag

On February 12, the first opinions about the new line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones appeared – S20 and Z Flip. Journalists praised the characteristics of the devices, but the price and some of the new features baffled browsers. We chose the most interesting of the first reviews on smartphones.

Flagships Galaxy S20

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. The flagship received a 100x zoom and a 108 MP camera


Mashable noted that the entire Galaxy S20 line looks premium than its predecessors. Unlike the Galaxy S10, the frames are not rounded, which makes the screen appear flatter and the camera moved to the center of the screen.

Gizmodo Photos 


Thanks to a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, scrolling and swipes feel smoother than on smartphones with a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz, says tech-blogger Marques Brownlee. In this case, by default, the smartphone is 60 Hz. If you go into the settings and rearrange it at 120 Hz, then the screen resolution will drop from 3200 × 1440 to 2400 × 1080. The blogger suggested that Samsung took such a step so that the phone does not run out too quickly.

Photo The Verge

Brownley noted that the S20 Ultra has the best display among the smartphones on the market. The blogger, like other journalists, also emphasized that the response also got better: the device instantly recognizes tapas and swipes.


All devices received an updated system of triple cameras with wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The S20 + and S20 Ultra also have an optional Time of Flight sensor. All smartphones in the line are shot in 8K 24 FPS – but not from the main module, but from a telephoto lens. None of the journalists could check the quality of the captured 8K video, since smartphones themselves do not support such a resolution.

Ultra Photo TechCrunch

Smartphones received cameras with a resolution of 48 MP, 64 MP and 108 MP, but by default everyone takes 12-megapixel pictures. Journalists like The Verge and Brownley were confused by such high characteristics, because often smartphone makers, instead of programmatically improving photo quality, hope that a huge number of megapixels will solve all problems.

At the same time, journalists appreciated the new Single Take mode – you need to point the camera at the object, and she will decide when to take a photo, shoot a video or a gif. From the results you can save your favorite.

100x zoom

Many journalists emphasized that the 100x zoom in the S20 Ultra really works.

However, many doubted that this function may be needed by the owners of the smartphone. Engadget ironically suggested that it is suitable for situations where you urgently need to take a picture of a stuck food in the teeth of a friend who is on the other side of a huge room. With a 100x zoom, it is almost impossible to take a picture, since the camera reacts sensitively to every movement of the hands.

I predict that most S20 Ultra buyers use 100x zoom once after they buy the phone, and never again


None of the journalists advised buying smartphones line. Many note that, although it is difficult to find flaws in the devices, for such a price (the cost of a younger model starts at 69,990 rubles) Samsung did not convince them of the need to buy the Galaxy S20.

Galaxy S20 smartphones are overkill. They have any characteristic that you can wish for in an Android smartphone, but this does not mean that a lot of new ideas have been put into the device. Only one – a new camera system. To convince people to buy a device for more than a thousand bucks, Samsung needs to show something more interesting.Dieter bonThe Verge Editor

Clamshell Galaxy Z Flip

Topic : Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip – “clamshell” with a flexible glass screen 

Glass screen

Many journalists noted that made of flexible glass, rather than plastic, the 6.7-inch OLED display feels better than other flip phones – Galaxy Fold or Motorola Razr. The Verge noted that although the screen is thin, it is not so easy to scratch it. Mashable complained that bright fingerprints remained on the screen.

Mashable Photos


The media emphasized that the hinge feels stronger than other folding phones. Input Mag noted that the phone does not creak when opened, like Motorola Razr, and gradually opens. At the same time, it is difficult to open and close with one hand as a classic “cot” – you need to make an effort. When closed, a gap is visible between the two parts of the screen, into which you can insert a bank card.

CNET journalist noted the characteristic sound when slamming – like with real “clamshells”. Brownley called the Z Flip hinge the best among foldable smartphones.


In the unfolded state of the fold hinge is visible, but it is not as noticeable as that of Galaxy Fold, believe in the Android Central. It is visible only in the light or at a certain angle. Brownley and Engadget reporters , on the contrary, emphasize that the fold is too noticeable, because it goes right in the middle of the screen: “You constantly feel it during scrolling.”

Photo The Verge

Split screen

The device can be fixed at any angle – so the screen is divided into two small ones. The Verge editor launched the video chat Google Duo and YouTube in this mode – in the first case, the function turned out to be useful, and in the second, the device simply played the video at the top of the screen, and at the bottom showed comments. Some doubt that someone will use the device in a half-open format, but others believe that a “mini-laptop” may be useful.

YouTube app on Z Flip  Photo Mashable

Small screen

On the back of the smartphone is a 1-inch screen on which you can see notifications, missed calls and time. You can also take selfies through the main camera using the screen as a viewfinder. To the TechCrunch journalist, the screen seemed “not very useful,” but in camera mode it was “bad.” Brownley noted that Motorola Razr even allows you to read and reply messages on a similar screen, and found the functionality of Z Flip too limited.

Photo The Verge


Not a single journalist advised buying the device, given its cost – $ 1,380 (119,990 rubles). But many noted that this is a serious step towards making folding phones a popular form factor.

On the one hand, the phone looks like the most well-developed folding smartphone on the market. On the other hand, Samsung has a long way to go to make a phone that I would really buy.Marquez Brownleeblogger

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