Experts called the only way to get rid of surveillance via smartphone

Norwegian experts from the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) have prepared a report that reports disappointing information: users are unlikely to be able to avoid collecting data, which they then use to target ads (and probably not only for this). An effective way to protect yourself is not to use smartphones.

In other cases, you will have to put up with the fact that mobile applications are actively “leaking” user data to third parties without obviously notifying them. Most applications tested by specialists also do not provide an opportunity to reduce the amount of information that programs send “to the side” (both to well-known advertising platforms – Facebook, Google and Twitter, and to those that you have never heard of).

In the study, the situation is called “advertising surveillance”, and the situation with the total collection of data – out of control, harming the consumer, society and business. Experts point out serious violations of rights that “occur at a speed of a billion times per second.”

It turned out that GPS data is taken not only by navigators, but, for example, filter applications for photos, menstrual cycle calendars, “mood scanners” and so on. Even frankly children’s applications can send user data to a dozen interested parties at once. Many applications do this bypassing generally accepted rules and requirements, including GDPR, or they act openly in violation of them.

NCC considers it necessary to pay attention to the problem on the part of the regulatory authorities of different countries.

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