Fable and Perfect Dark found new Twitter accounts on the network – Microsoft says it has opened them to protect rights

The first registered game accounts on Twitter were spotted on Reddit . The registration date for the “fable” profile is March 2020, and the PerfectDarkGame is June 2020.

Users of the site also drew attention to the fact that when requesting a new password, Twitter suggests sending it to the mail, which is probably located on the microsoft.com domain.

Based on this, fans decided that this is how Microsoft is preparing for the announcement of new games for these franchises – the presentation of the company’s games should be held in July.

Later, the editor of The Verge Tom Warren commented on the situation – the head of the Xbox marketing department Aaron Greenberg reacted to his message.


I know that everyone is hungry for news, but I apologize for the unjustified hopes. These accounts have been inactive for many years and this is standard practice for protecting the names of our IP for social networks.

Along with this, a message appeared on the Perfect Dark account – as it turned out, the profile was registered by a fan of the game, who after the news from Fable noticed that Perfect Dark did not have its own page.

According to the user, right after that he received a subscription request from Ken Lobb, creative director of Xbox Game Studios and one of the developers of the original Perfect Dark.



I created this account after hearing about Fable and noticed that Perfect Dark has no profile. Soon after, I received a request from Ken Lobb, which I accepted. I doubt that he would send me a request if they had not worked on anything.

After Ken’s request, I sent him a message that I would gladly return the profile if necessary. I’m still waiting for an answer. I did not think that it would reach Greenberg, I apologize for disappointing everyone, but I am an ordinary guy who got a profile.

It seemed strange to some, including Warren, that Greenberg in his tweet referred to the account created by the fan, but the user himself admitted that such an outcome was likely – in his opinion, the account could really belong to Microsoft.


They could have access to this name, but as a result of someone else’s mistake, I got it so far.

It is difficult to say whether Microsoft is really working on games for these franchises, however, rumors about the development of the Fable restart have been encountered for several years – the developer, apparently, is the Playground Games studio, known for the Forza Horizon series.

The original Perfect Dark from Rare was released in 2000 for Nintendo 64 and was a kind of spiritual successor to GoldenEye 007. The game developed the ideas of the previous studio title, and the main character was agent Joanna Dark.

Critics praised Perfect Dark for technical achievements, replayability and advanced multiplayer for that time – its rating on Metacritic is 97 points.

These are far from the first seen game accounts on Twitter – so, the other day, users came across a Prince of Persia profile. When requesting a new password, the site offers to send it to the mail, which, apparently, is located on the ubisoft.com domain.


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