Facebook asked not to introduce encryption due to fear of child abuse

More than 100 organizations from around the world sent an open letter to Facebook, in which they urged not to introduce additional encryption for correspondence on the social network. According to activists, encryption will allow potential abusers of children to go unnoticed.

According to CNET, last year Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to introduce additional data encryption algorithms to Facebook’s services. In this case, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram users will be able to send messages to each other without switching applications, and also not be afraid that they will be read by third parties.

Facebook, in turn, notes that the safety of children is in the foreground for them and the company takes all steps in cooperation with specialized organizations and experts on this issue.

Earlier, officials from the United States, Britain and Australia asked Mark Zuckerberg to suspend the process of switching to encrypted data transmission. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2018, Facebook posted 16.8 million complaints regarding sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

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