Facebook spoke about the removal of accounts related to Russian intelligence that tried to intervene in Ukraine’s affairs

The company also removed account groups from Iran, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Also for violating policies against foreign interference.

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Facebook talked about the removal of three unconnected groups of accounts from Russia, Iran, Vietnam and Myanmar for violating the company’s policy of foreign interference. This was reported in the blog of the company.

The company explained that the activity of accounts from Russia was directed against Ukraine and its neighboring countries, a group of accounts from Iran tried to influence an audience in the United States, and a group from Myanmar and Vietnam tried to influence an audience in Myanmar.

Today we deleted 78 accounts, 11 pages, 29 Facebook groups and four Instagram accounts for violating our policy against foreign or state interference. This activity originates in Russia and was aimed mainly at Ukraine and neighboring countries.Facebook posting

According to Facebook, account holders from Russia tried to hide their identities, but an investigation into the company revealed their connection with Russian intelligence.

The blog reports that some of the owners of these accounts appeared to be citizen journalists and tried to contact Ukrainian politicians and local media. “They wrote about Russian military participation in Syria, alleged leaks by the SBU related to ethnic minorities in Crimea, and about a downed Malaysian plane in 2014,” Facebook officials said.

An example of unlawful, according to the social network, content

This is not the first time Facebook has been deleting accounts due to attempts to influence the policies of other countries. At the end of October 2019, the company announced the blocking of 200 accounts related to the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, which tried to intervene in the affairs of eight African states.

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