Fake flights launched in Taiwan: passengers pass passport control and board a plane that does not take off

When you really miss traveling, and the borders are closed.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, international air traffic around the world was suspended, and then the Songshan Airport in Taipei (Taiwan) launched a fake flight campaign for passengers.

In mid-June, Songshan posted an announcement of the event on its facebook and invited those who wanted to apply for participation – there were about 7 thousand in all. Then, airport employees selected 90 random participants who could invite one more person to the trip. Three flights were organized for them, the first of which was launched on July 2.

The protesters went through passport control, received tickets, went through the control and inspection services, and then boarded. Then they landed and again passed passport control.

Passengers said that they missed trips abroad and hope that the borders will open soon. Untied News reports that some of them took their suitcases to the airport to more fully immerse themselves in the “journey”.

The action was organized jointly with two airlines: China Airlines and EVA Air. According to Reuters, for an airport and airlines such an action is an opportunity to clearly demonstrate and tell what measures they are using to fight against coronavirus.

Passenger boarding Video Songshan Airport Facebook

In Taiwan, during the entire spread of Covid-19, 448 cases of Covid-19 were recorded, seven people died from infection. Borders have remained closed to foreigners since mid-March, but the country’s authorities are already discussing a possible relaxation of restrictions.


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