Fallout: The Frontier is set in snow-covered Portland, which is the size of the Mojave Wasteland from the original New Vegas.

A large-scale modification of The Frontier for Fallout: New Vegas will be released on January 15
It can be downloaded for free on Steam .

According to the developers, The Frontier will provide players with three storylines for different factions, which will differ in gameplay and storytelling style. For example, the NCR branch will be more linear with an emphasis on cast scenes and action, while the Northern Legion storyline, on the contrary, will focus on dialogue and lore.

The authors noted that the passage of each branch takes more than 15 hours, and the longest will be the quests for the NCR, which are completed in 35+ hours.

In addition, The Frontier adds new weapons, equipment, and a transport system to the game.

To install the mod, you will need the original Fallout: New Vegas.

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