Fans saw a hint at The Wonderful 101 port for Switch in a photo from the PlatinumGames office

And this coincides with the recent words of one insider.

On January 31, PlatinumGames posted a photo of Hideki Kamiya on her Twitter, and at first glance there is nothing remarkable here. However, many noticed on the monitor that the photo was taken on the date 10.1 and the time was 1:01.

Fans thought that this could hardly be a coincidence, and also noticing Switch next to the developer, took it as a hint at the The Wonderful 101 action port for the Nintendo hybrid console.

Moreover, earlier developers from PlatinumGames openly said that they want to port the game to Switch.

The Wonderful 101 is an action adventure from PlatinumGames, released on Wii U in 2013. His game director was Hideki Kamiya.

In 101, the player controls a group of superheroes, which is constantly updated with those whom they save. This team can turn into various objects, and the larger the composition, the more these objects can be.

The day before PlatinumGames posted the photo, Sabi insider hinted on his Twitter that several games with Wii U could be released on Switch.
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